Savannah River Site Tours
Tour Information

The Department of Energy will host twenty-two public tours of the Savannah River Site in 2015. For additional information visit the SRS tour website at http://www.srs.gov/general/tour/public.htm. For registration assistance, you may call 803-952-9472.

All tour slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants are allowed to request up to two tour slots for their party. Please be prepared at the time of registration to provide full names, as stated on photo identification, for each of the tour participants. Participants will only be allowed to participate in one tour per calendar year.

We are unable to maintain a waiting list. However, if all tour slots are filled interested participants are encouraged to check back periodically as registered tour participants may cancel and slots may become available at any time until the registration cutoff time/date.

The dates of the scheduled tours are as follows:

  Tuesday Thursday
  Tuesday Thursday
January   8, 29
February 10, 24  
March 31 12
April 28 16
May 12, 26  
June 9, 23  
July 21 9
August 11, 25  
September 29 10
October 27 8
November 10  
December  10

Tour Coordinator:Kristin Huber, SRNS, 803.952.9472 (Kristin.Huber@srs.gov)
News Media Only: Contact Tour Coordinators to sign up for the public tours, rather than reserving seats through the web registration process (photography in accordance with security requirements is arranged for media on certain tours).

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All tours begin and end at the Applied Research Center, located at 301 Gateway, Drive, Aiken, S.C. 29803.

Tour check-in and badging starts at 12:30 pm in the lobby of the Applied Research Center. A tour overview will be given at 1:00 pm. Participants will receive a safety and security briefing prior to boarding the commercial bus at approximately 1:30. Expected time of return is around 4:30 pm. Personal items brought on the bus will be inspected by Security upon boarding. No prohibited items are allowed on the bus (see list of Prohibited Articles below.)

The tours are free of charge. No snacks or beverages will be served. Tour participants are encouraged to bring their own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages on the tour.

The SRS bus tour follows a route that is designed to help explain the process that was used to produce tritium and plutonium for the nation's defense. Some of the areas you will see on your guided bus tour are:

  • Savannah River National Laboratory, the nation's newest national laboratory and DOE's EM corporate laboratory.
  • M Area, where the nuclear production process started at SRS and the second area on site to be cleaned up and closed.
  • B Area, site and home to Calibration facilities where HWCTR - Heavy Water Components Test Reactor, once stood.
  • F Area, one of the site's two chemical separations facilities and construction site of the Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility (MOX).
  • E Area, location of the site's low-level radioactive waste disposal activities.
  • S Area, home of the Defense Waste Processing Facility, the largest waste glassification plant in the world, converting high-level nuclear waste liquids into a solid glass form suitable for long term storage.
  • J Area, construction site of the future Salt Waste Processing Facility, which will separate highly radioactive constituents from salt solutions in waste tanks.
  • Z Area, location of the Saltstone Facility that stabilizes and disposes of low-activity liquid radioactive waste.
  • C Area, home of one of the site's five reactor areas. C Reactor ran from 1954-1985 before being shut down for maintenance. There was a crack in the tank that was never successfully repaired.
  • Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, considered by many to be the birthplace of the modern science of ecology.

All visitors to SRS are asked to follow the SRS Public Tour requirements list below.

Age At least 18 years of age to participate.
Citizenship Must be a U.S. citizen.
Identification All visitors to the Savannah River Site must provide two forms of identification to receive a Visitor's Badge granting access to the site. One must be a current valid photo identification; the other can be one of the documents listed in the Acceptable ID's list. (Credit cards, insurance cards, library cards, student IDs or Medicare cards are not accepted.) Failure to provide the specific forms of identification listed above will result in denied access to the Savannah River Site. Each participant will also be asked to provide their Social Security Number.
Clothing Appropriate clothing for an industrial environment is required and a light jacket is recommended.
Prohibited Articles The following items will not be allowed at SRS: Cell phones, blackberries, cameras or electronic recording devices, undeveloped film, radios, binoculars, knives with blades more than 3 inches long, real or simulated firearms and ammunition, stun guns, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs & paraphernalia, explosives, hand-held weapons, chemical irritants, and items prohibited by state and federal law. Contraband brought to SRS will be confiscated.
Clearance/Badges Visitor badges required. Tour Coordinators will arrange for appropriate badging of visitors. If you are an authorized holder of a SRS badge, you must bring your badge the day of your scheduled tour.

Note: Public tours are subject to immediate cancellation any time security conditions warrant, or in the event of other security or safety concerns. Additionally, in the unlikely event of an emergency or other unforeseeable situation, the tour bus may be required to remain on SRS for longer than scheduled. Tour participants should be prepared for any delays.

SRS Operator: 803-725-6211